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I recently concluded my 200 hours Life Transformational Yoga Teacher Training under Apurva Saxena,it was an amazing journey, she is one of the best teachers I have met so far in my life. She is very humble and kind, such a pure soul. The way with which she teaches yoga is incredible! She teaches with full command and knowledge of her subject. She helps us in focusing on all the aspects of the subject. I find myself on a different level, full of energy, knowledge and positive attitude towards life. All this after doing course with her. I really wish every student get a blessed teacher like Apurva!Suhana Mittal

When we cultivate an attitude of gratitude, it invokes a condition of unconditional prosperity. Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use it is our true measure of thanks giving, thanks a lot Apurva for what all you shared with us during this course and making us learn a new way to think before we make a new way to go.Rajni Dua

Om maa Myself Shailja Sachdeva completed my 200 hrs certification in transformational yoga and hath yoga under Apurva in alliance with Sri maa school of transformational yoga is pleased to share my experience that Apurva is great teacher and a hard working yogini with big heart who has shared her knowledge with me to enhance my spiritual journey...blessings her way! I am blessed to be a student of swami Vidyanand and thereby affirm to spread the awareness of transformational yoga amongst people!! Gratitude forever! Shailja Sachdeva

I have just completed my 200 hours teachers training from Apurva, it has been an amazing journey of learning with her. She is by far the best teacher that I have met. The way she teaches is great, she describes all the topics in the easiest way possible with examples. She makes sure that everyone gets the complete knowledge. Feeling blessed and in gratitude. Vineet Gupta

I have done my 200 hours teacher training course with Apurva Saxena, I got my certificate on 29th June. Apurva is an awesome teacher in terms of teaching and giving practical knowledge. The amount of knowledge and understanding she has for yoga, her vision about life is commendable. So grateful to god that I started my transformational yoga journey through her. Palki Jain

It’s just today that I have completed my 200 hours of Transformational teachers training Yoga course with Apurva Saxena. One of the best teachers I have ever met. She brought out the best in us. Thank you Apurv for teaching us, educating us and empowering us. She taught us to make a change in our lives. Apurva, thank you for giving us priceless education with the biggest heart. Chhavi Sehgal

For the world you are a trainer but ask your students you are world. Life was full of boredom n was confined to leisure activities. From childhood to maturity we seek satisfaction and fulfilment wich never was in my life. Life was a routine and was without direction. Wanted to prove myself as a trainer. Guidance and direction was missing. My decision power was less. All thank to beautiful mentor APURVA SAXENA, my mentor and guide. My life is changed totally. Not only I got the power of yoga but also got visibility. I was a follower of yoga. With tranformationalyoga, I got decision making ability and direction. I got to know correct postures, alignment and i got to know how to awaken our soul.The best part is I am a different person now. Gratitude, power to forgive others came in me. Under the guidance of best mentor around the world (Apurva Saxena), I know I shall grow. I promise to make a difference in people’s life by becoming beautiful person like my mentor and powerful imparter of knowledge.Thanks for coming in my life and special thanks to SRI MAA School of Transformational Yoga for the change that is brought in me by you. Hand folded and all ready to take blessing of our guruji - SWAMI VIDYANAND. Meenu Gujral

The 200 hour training course is a life changing journey. It was so much more than just learning how to teach yoga, although it certainly taught me that very well. It was also such a wonderful exploration of yoga asanas, meditation, transformational yoga and a great opportunity to study yoga passionately with awesome batch mates.

Best part was getting trained under a great teacher and an awesome person APURVA SAXENA :-).

Your extensive knowledge about any topic from asanas to anatomy to transformational yoga, on almost everything has helped me in understanding Yoga in a better way. Your way of teaching is clearly delivered and interesting.

If any of you gets the opportunity to learn Yoga under Apurva Saxena, it will be a gift of growth you give yourself. After doing this course, I am more confident and extremely excited to start teaching yoga and spread my knowledge with others. Thank you. Anjali Wadhwani

Thank you Apurva for being my mentor on my journey of life. Introducing me to Transformational Yoga.It has been one of the best months of my life learning this beautiful and rejuvenating art.Transformational yoga has introduced me to my own body in a very different way, now I know .My journey of life I have to relax, clean and awaken my inner body (i.e my charkras, pranas and soul)It’s not just one body now, its 5 bodies I have to take care of. Transformational yoga has made me. Spirituallystronger and close to my Divine, I am happy and thankful to universe for giving mea teacher like you. Who has not just taught us this beautiful art but also has taught us to be a better Person in life, to be thankful for whatever we have, to love our soul and other around us. Thank u so Much. Jyoti Vij

YOGA. It's been a life changing experience for me. With practice of YOGA I'm feeling very positive, strong & optimistic like never before. New opportunities are coming my way. I always wanted to help people around me. Now I'm sure, I can do that... by spreading more fitness & positivity. Can't thank enough to my guru-APURVA for making my learning experience so memorable n perfect. Blessed to hv a mentor like her. Whenever I have any query or doubts, u are always there to guide. THANKS for the endless times. GOD BLESS & with u all the happiness & success in your life ahead.

Veer Dagar

It was reaaly an amazing experience to be a part of your training, having you as a mentor was a blessing cause you were more than a teacher to us, you not only taught us the art of Yoga but you also explained the logic behindit, which we felt and experienced. Anyone can become a yoga trainer or instructon but one needs to be a pure soul to be a GURU and for me I feel realy proud to say that Apurva is my Mentor Apurva is my Guru... Every morning when I take my batch I feel you words within... And yes when my students and clients appreciate me for my work I thank you for it from my heart... Love you my Guru. Amrita

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